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 Our ½ bushel boxes include 20 lbs. of apples which are ½ sweet and ½ tart. The varieties available will vary based on availability during the season. Depending on the crop and timing, the varieties included in the box will be from these apples below.




What do you get when you cross a Jonathan and a Wagener apple… you get a Ida red. The Ida red has a white flesh with a firm body, and is generally considered to be tart and juicy, because of this these yummy apples are great for apple sauces, cakes and pies. A hardy apple that is guaranteed to impress.



We can thank our friends to the north for this one. This Canadian born apple has  close to equal parts red and green skin. suitable both for eating raw and for cooking. It has become a staple for desserts because of its shorter cooking time.



This Michigan born apple is not too sweet and not too tart. Mostly a bright red apple that has some yellow and small brown spots. When biting into this tasty apple you will find a white inside bursting with flavour. You can also cook with these but know that they tend to become quite soft. Ideal for choice for  applesauce.



This delectable delight is a classic American cooking apple. This great smelling apple is known for holding its shape when baking. That being said it is also no slouch as an eating apple. If you eat this one alone, eat it while perfectly ripe for the best taste.  Brilliant red with some small spots and smooth skin have this one handy for your next pie or crisp. 



This beautiful apple has streaks of orange and red on a yellow background. Braeburn apples are a balanced mix of flavour ranging from sweet, tart and crisp, just the way a good apple should be. This beauty is perfect all by itself.



This juicy Apple is different from others because of the unique texture. Similar to a watermelon  Its sweet flavor comes with plenty of punch. The soft juicy inside will leave your mouth watering. Enjoy this one by itself or in a pie.



If you have ever had a caramel apple it was probably a Jonathan. This apple has a distinctive apple taste. It has just a tinge of tartness that keeps it balanced. Wonderful for most any application. Eating, pies, applesauce, cider, and caramel apples.



A cross between Jonathan and Golden Delicious, and in a lot of ways it resembles both. A wonderful balance of sweet and sour. This crisp and juicy apple is an all-purpose one. Great for baking or  eating plain.

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