Apples in a Crate

How It Began

With a name like Apley and 6th generation Michiganders... it's only makes sense that our family gravitated to the apple business! 


Growing up in Michigan, MariAnn and Dale Apley loved visiting the apple orchard as kids and eating apples right from the tree.


We both carry with us the memories of picking apples and running through the orchards on a sunny, crisp Fall day...and coming home to the smell of homemade Apple Pie & the comfort of a spoonful of Homemade Apple Sauce!

We’re happy to know that we passed this tradition down to our three kids who now all play a pivotal role at The Apple Truck. 

The Apple Dilemma

We often heard our out of state family & friends talk about how much they missed Michigan in the Fall and the fun tradition of visiting local Apple Orchards and Cider Mills...

So, we did a little research and it was easy to see why!

Store-bought apples have been sitting in boxes for several months in cold storage facilities and often imported...resulting is a not-so-fresh apple. 

While Fresh Michigan apples, picked right from the tree, have that crisp bite and great crunch we love....


So, we came up with the "Apple Truck Tour" to deliver fresh Michigan apples to those outside our Great Lakes State! 

Apple Orchard
Cute Girl Eating Apple

The Difference 

What makes Michigan apples different is our "unsalted" freshwater state.


The unique temperature and soil nutrients, allow Michigan to produce juicy, crunchy, sweet, crisp apples...


Additionally, unlike other states, Michigan apples rarely need irrigation... and buying Michigan apples provides sustainability of our treasured freshwater resources.


And, can really taste the Michigan difference!

The Apple Truck Misson

Our mission is to connect people who love good, fresh food with an outstanding product.


We have developed solid partnerships with many of Michigan's multi-generational family owned & operated apple orchards.


Michigan farmers take great pride in their harvests and will only offer their best products to the Apple Truck.


Our vision is to provide the "Michigan Apple" experience with all apple lovers throughout the South and beyond! 


We're proud to be delivering smiles...


...and invite you to share in the love of Michigan apples with every juicy, crisp bite! 

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