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With a Name Like Apley....

With a name like Apley ... it only makes sense that the Apley family gravitated to the apple business! 


Each fall, visiting the apple orchard and eating crisp fresh apples right from the tree was a regular tradition. This was followed by days of apple pies and homemade apple sauce. Early on, the Apley's appreciated the importance of fresh, crisp apples and the taste difference of good, farm-fresh food.

When family members moved out of state, they complained about not being able to get a "decent apple."  The Apleys sought to solve this problem and started The Apple Truck.  One year later, The Apple Truck now delivers farm-fresh, crisp Michigan apples to over 120 stops in eight states.  In 2022, home delivery of Michigan apples was added.

We know that you will be able to taste the Michigan Apple Difference! 

The Michigan Difference 

What makes Michigan apples unique is that we are surrounded by our unsalted Great Lakes.   


The unique temperature and soil nutrients allow Michigan to produce flavorful, sweet, crisp apples.  


Additionally, unlike other states, Michigan apples rarely need irrigation, so buying Michigan apples provides sustainability for our nation's treasured freshwater resources.


Michigan apples are more flavorful, more sustainable--and simply the best!

The Apple Truck Mission

Our mission is to connect people who love good, fresh food with outstanding products.


We have developed important partnerships with many of Michigan's multi-generational family-owned & operated apple orchards.


Michigan farmers take great pride in their harvests and will only offer their best products to the Apple Truck.


Our apples are picked and delivered within days--bringing you the freshest apples possible.

 We're proud to be delivering smiles...


...and invite you to share in the love of Michigan apples with every flavorful, crisp bite! 

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