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  • Satisfaction Guarantee
    If you are not pleased with any aspect of your order, please let us know. We will make it right.
  • Is The Apple Truck Co affiliated with any other company?
    The Apple Truck branding was purchased in 2023 by Apple Co Services & Investment and rebranded as the Apple Truck Co.
  • Is your cider gluten, nut and GMO free? Do you add sugar?"
    We do not add sugar to our cider - that sweetness... that’s the apples! There are no nuts or gluten in our cider facility. For flavored ciders, we do use seasoning mixes from a facility that does utilize gluten and tree nuts but in a separate part of their plant. They have provided us with a verified allergen program to prevent cross-contamination of allergenic materials. We do not grow or work with growers who grow GMO-modified apples - there’s only one variety that is GMO. And cider is all apples - although bees do help out those blossoms in the spring so the apples can set :)
  • Where are your apples sourced?
    The Apple Truck apples are grown, picked, and packed with love and skill on small family farms in Michigan. Michigan soil, temperature, and proximity from the great lakes make our apples extra special. Michigan apples are considered some of the best-tasting apples in the world.
  • I have quality issues with my box of apples. What should I do?
    First off, we're so sorry that our apples fell short of perfection! Although we do everything that we can to ensure quality, all products of nature will sometimes have a mind of their own! We will be more than happy to take care of any issues you have! Please reach out to within 30 days of your purchase and let us know what issues you have and which stop you picked up your apples from.
  • Can you ship apples to my house?
    Yes! We now offer home delivery. Please visit our SHOP option on our site.
  • Are your apples organic?
    The terminology for our apples is "minimally treated." The only time the trees are sprayed is to save the crop. Spraying is always an emergency option.
  • Are your apples genetically modified (GMO)?
    Our apples are non-GMO and are minimally treated. That means that treating the crop is always a last resort, never our first option. However, individual orchards do reserve the right to protect the crop should it become vulnerable. Our orchards are GLOBAL GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) or PRIMUS certified, which means that they have been recognized for growing wonderful fruit, taking care of the land, and cultivating sustainable farming practices. In addition, our Huron Honeycrisp apple cider is processed in FDA-certified facilities.
  • Can I refrigerate my apples to extend their shelf life?
    Apples last 2-4 weeks in your pantry or 1-2 months in the refrigerator.
  • How fresh are The Apple Truck apples?
    Apples from our trees will make it to your hands typically within 48-72 hours of picking.
  • Why are The Apple Truck apples so much better than grocery store apples?
    The Apple Truck apples surpass grocery store apples because they are just hours off the tree when we ship them. Additionally, The Apple Truck apples are picked when they are ripe and not a second before. Grocery store apples can spend many, many days and months in distribution or storage before making it to their final location, which is why their flavor and texture can be so inconsistent.
  • When is the Michigan apple season?
    Michigan apple season typically spans from late August through late October or early November. Our tour starts in early September and runs until early November.
  • Why Will I Love Michigan Apples?
    Michigan's climate is ideal for apple harvesting due to its nutrient-rich soil and proximity to the freshwater Great Lakes. As a result, any quality fruit produced in Michigan guarantees a spectacular experience with every bite: They are perfectly crisp and firm every time!
  • Tell me about your Honeycrisp Apple cider.
    This sweet, crisp apple leads with a hint of honey and has created a buzz in the last decade - making for a deliciously fresh, pressed cider. Our Honeycrisp apple cider is made in Michigan from a blend of Michigan apples. Our Honeycrisp cider is pasteurized, extending the life, quality, and safety of our product. The product should be used within 30 days of purchase.
  • Why The Apple Truck Apples?
    All of The Apple Truck apples are grown and packed with care and skill by small family orchards in Michigan. Michigan's climate is ideal for apple harvesting due to its nutrient-rich soil and proximity to the freshwater Great Lakes. As a result, the quality fruit produced in Michigan guarantees a spectacular experience with every bite. Our apples are perfectly crisp and firm every time! Most grocery store apples you are eating today were likely either picked last season or are imported. This means there has been a long journey from the farm to the shelf to your table. The Apple Truck brings apples to you only a few days after they have been picked from the tree. That means crisper and tastier apples for you! Additionally, our partner farms do not have to store apples over the winter, which is a step in the right direction for a smarter, more sustainable food chain.
  • Are you apples waxed?
    No, we do not wax our apples.
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