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20 Ways to Use 20 Pounds of Fresh Michigan Apples

Apple Season is finally upon us, and we couldn’t be happier to celebrate by indulging in our favorite fruit. Apple enthusiasts have been patiently waiting for this moment all year. Since many people can’t access freshly picked Michigan apples, the Apple Truck has come to the rescue. We’re connecting apple connoisseurs with Michigan’s amazing apples at their peak of freshness and taste.

Since we’re often asked what you can do with your 20-pound box of Michigan apples when you get home, here are some suggestions:

1. Make Applesauce

Applesauce is essential to have in your pantry. In a food processor, combine fresh apples, apple cider, lemon juice, brown sugar, maple syrup, and spices like cinnamon or nutmeg to create your sauce. Canned or frozen applesauce can be used as a base for other recipes, such as apple pancakes or apple bread.

2. Dry Some Apple Slices

Dried apples are a great snack. Thinly slice your apples and place them on a baking sheet. Sprinkle some cinnamon on top for added flavor and bake in the oven (225° F) for up to two hours. Dried slices may be stored for a week in your pantry.

3. Whip Up Some Apple Butter

Making and canning apple butter is an easy way to preserve your apples. Apple butter is a fun way to spice up simple breakfast foods, including toast or Belgian waffles. It is made with pureed apples, brown sugar (optional), cinnamon, and vanilla extract.

4. Bake an Apple Pie

Of course, baking a good ol’ classic apple pie is one of the best ways to use fresh fruit. Make some flaky, golden pie crust and fill it with delicious apple pie filling. The filling can also be canned or frozen for later use.

5. Make Homemade Apple Juice

Fresh apple juice is delicious. Add enough water to cover your cored apples in a pan. Boil for 20–25 minutes, then strain and season as desired with cinnamon or sugar. Refrigerate for up to one week.

6. Bake Apple Crisp

Apple crisp is an easy-to-make substitute for traditional apple pie. To prepare it, add cinnamon and sugar to an assortment of sliced apples to line your baking sheet. Then, combine brown sugar, oats, vanilla extract, salt, and flour in a mixing bowl. Pour melted butter and stir together to create a crumbly crust to place over your apple slices. Lastly, bake at 350° F and top your warm dish with some vanilla ice cream or caramel drizzle.

7. Dip Your Apples in Caramel

Caramel apples make the perfect addition to the dessert table for Halloween parties or Thanksgiving dinner. To make your own, add popsicle sticks to the apples and dip them into melted homemade or store-bought caramel. Then, apply any desired toppings, such as sprinkles or toasted peanuts, and allow the caramel to harden.

8. Add Apple Slices to a Charcuterie Board

Sliced apples are a staple for any cheeseboard. Serve your apples topped with a slice of brie cheese and a drizzle of honey (we like “hot honey” from Mike’s). This pairing makes for a unique and tasty twist on traditional Autumn cheeseboard options.

9. Make Apple & Caramelized Onion Flatbread

Top your flatbread dough (sold in stores) with apples and your desired extra toppings, such as arugula and caramelized onions. Then, bake it in the oven (375° F) until it is ready to serve.

10. Prepare a Homemade Fruit Dip

Pair apple slices and fruit dip for a simple, healthy snack. Combine cinnamon, cream cheese, brown sugar, and vanilla extract for the perfect fruit dip. Then, mix with a whisk or electric mixer until it reaches your preferred consistency. You may also include peanut butter for some added protein and essential nutrients.

11. Sauté Fresh Apples

This easy recipe is ready to serve in under 10 minutes. Place some melted butter or cooking oil into a skillet. Add fresh diced apples, brown sugar, and cinnamon to the mixture. Once ready, top your sautéed apples with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for an easy yet mouthwatering dessert.

12. Use as a Garnish for Festive Cocktails

Adding fresh apples to alcoholic beverages or mock-tails is an excellent way to make use of leftover apples. They taste incredible when added to sangria, apple cider mimosas, or crisp green apple martinis.

13. Blend Some Healthy Smoothies

Smoothies are a fantastic way to enjoy eating fresh fruit or vegetables. Incorporate your leftover apples into your next smoothie mixture for some extra tartness and Vitamin C.

14. Make Apple Sandwiches

This may be the most out-of-the-box option on this list, but trust us, apples make a fantastic addition to sandwiches. The fruit provides the perfect amount of crunch to elevate sandwiches to new heights. Grilled brie with apples is a fan favorite. Apples also make an excellent addition to salads and wraps for the same reason.

15. Freeze Apple Slices to Use Later

If you’re worried about your extra fruit spoiling, freeze some apples to incorporate into future meals. This is a great option for those who enjoy making apple sauce or fruit smoothies. Peel, core, and cut your apples into small slices. Then, allow them to soak in lemon juice for about five minutes before straining and tossing them in a freezer-safe bag. The apples should last for up to one year.

16. Make Apple Slaw

Combining julienned apples, carrots, and cabbage with your favorite coleslaw dressing makes a special addition to any meal. Serve with a protein, such as grilled chicken or pork chops. You may also serve with fresh vegetables or beyond-meat dishes for a vegan-friendly option.

17. Add Apple Slices to Your Oatmeal

Make your breakfast oatmeal a little more interesting by adding freshly cut apple slices. Apples add a nice crunch and sweetness to your oatmeal. We recommend topping the mixture off with some ground cinnamon or apple pie spice.

18. Bake Fresh Stuffed Apples

Baking apples is a simple and delicious way to enjoy everyone’s favorite fruit. Core your apples and fill them with your desired ingredients. We like to include ground cinnamon, brown sugar, roasted pecans, and a bit of butter. The flavors will become infused as your stuffed apples bake in the oven at 350 ° F for about 45 minutes.

19. Bake Apple Dog Treats

Your furry friends should be able to enjoy apples this season too! Prepare some apple-infused dog treats for your pup using diced apples, peanut butter, oats, all-purpose flour, eggs, and cinnamon powder. You can cut them into bite-sized pieces using any cookie cutters you have on hand. Then, bake the treats at 350 ° F for approximately 30 minutes or until golden brown.

20. Share Them!

Nothing brings a smile to a person’s face quicker than the gift of a fresh, crisp apple from Michigan.

For more recipe ideas or to purchase fresh Michigan apples and apple products, visit:


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