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In Search of: The Perfect Apple Pie

Holiday traditions are part of every family. Whether you make holiday pies or purchase them from the grocery store, eating great pie is essential to outstanding holiday celebrations.

Many people like making homemade pies but do not like the mess of measuring ingredients. Our apple pie kit simplifies the process. We send you fresh Michigan apples right from the orchard. Our easy-to-make pie kit includes everything you need (except the butter) to make the perfect pie.

We are receiving rave reviews:

"I sent this to my daughter, who was hosting Thanksgiving this year; it is the perfect gift."

– Diane B., Denver, CO.

"So easy to make. I love serving fresh pie to my family."

–Michael R., Atlanta, GA

Whether you send our Perfect Apple Pie Kit as a gift or order it for yourself, Great Pie is about to be eaten.


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