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Michigan is part of the Fruit Belt, a term used to describe the growing area surrounding the Great Lakes. Michigan's cool climate and abundance of freshwater not only produce some of the best-tasting apples, cherries, and blueberries in the country (if not the world), but our fruit is also more sustainable.

With looming climate change concerns, many fruit growers outside of the Fruit Belt are now forced to invest in irrigation systems and compete for limited local freshwater resources. Being close to other drying elements of the ocean (salt) or hot temperatures is not necessarily best for growing great-tasting apples.

"Unlike states such as Washington, where apple trees could not grow without supplemental watering, Michigan orchards don't generally require irrigation. Michigan has many kinds of weather and soil features, which make it so well suited for apple production" We have good, deep, and nutrient-rich soils, and adequate rainfall from Mother Nature allows flavors and sugars to be well balanced."

Irish-Brown, Fruit Educator at Michigan State University

MLIVE, 2015

"No longer is an apple just an apple. If you can access the best-tasting apples in the county and know that you are preserving our freshwater resources, we believe customers will find the choice fairly easy," says Dale Apley, CEO of The Apple Truck. We pick them at the peak of ripeness and deliver them fresh--you can't beat the taste.

Join us in enjoying the most flavorful, sustainable, and best apples picked fresh and delivered to you!


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