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You can still buy fresh MI Apples, Introducing EVERCRISP

The late harvest EverCrisp is certainly exciting for apple enthusiasts! If you're a fan of Michigan Honeycrisp, the promise of trying our late-harvest EverCrisp suggests a delightful experience. The EverCrisp variety, originating in the crossbreeding of Honeycrisp and Fuji, is known for its sweet and crisp characteristics. FRESH & CRISP!

Here's what you might expect when trying a late-harvest EverCrisp:

  1. Extended Maturation: A late harvest implies that the apples have been allowed to ripen on the tree for an extended period. This can intensify the flavors and sweetness, offering a unique taste experience.

  2. Enhanced Sweetness: EverCrisp apples are already recognized for their well-balanced sweetness. A late harvest could enhance this sweetness further, providing a satisfying and indulgent flavor.

  3. Crisp Texture: The "Crisp" in EverCrisp is a testament to its firm and crisp texture. Late-harvest apples may maintain this characteristic, satisfying each bite's crunch.

  4. Unique Flavor Profile: Late-harvest fruits often develop nuanced flavors that set them apart. Combining Honeycrisp and Fuji genetics in EverCrisp could result in a distinctive flavor profile that combines sweetness and a hint of tartness.

If specific details or events surround the late harvest EverCrisp, such as tastings or promotions, it could be an excellent opportunity for apple enthusiasts to explore and appreciate this variation of the EverCrisp variety.

To enjoy the experience fully, consider visiting local orchards, farmers' markets, or retailers specializing in quality apples. Late-harvest apples are often available for a limited time, so savoring them while they peak freshness is recommended.

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