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Our apples may be RED, but our growing practices are GREEN!

Michigan grows the best-tasting apples in the world, but did you know that eating a Michigan apple is also good for the planet? Not only is Michigan's cool climate ideal for apple growing, but we also have an abundance of freshwater from the GREAT LAKES--in fact, we have six quadrillion gallons of it. Unlimited fresh water means we can grow juicy, flavorful apples consistently--and we guarantee you will taste the Michigan difference.

West Coast apple-growing areas have been combatting record heat and drought for many years, causing agriculture to compete with local communities for water resources. Using limited water resources for agriculture also impacts fish and wildlife dependent on lakes and streams.

Our small, family-owned orchards also prioritize sustainable and organic farming practices. This often includes reduced use of synthetic pesticides and chemicals, which can harm the environment and wildlife.

Michigan's ideal climate, abundant freshwater from the Great Lakes, and commitment to sustainable, family-owned orchards give Michigan apples their outstanding flavor but are also an eco-friendly choice. With plentiful freshwater and a focus on organic farming practices, Michigan's apples stand out, offering a delicious taste while minimizing the environmental impact of intensive agriculture and water scarcity in other regions. Choose Michigan apples to savor the difference and contribute to a more sustainable planet.


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